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Sep 8 - Oct 27, 2014

@ St. Ann's Academy Monday: 3rd-4th Grade Boys
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Sep 9 - Oct 28, 2014

@ St. John's College HS Tuesday: 7th-8th Grade Girls
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Sep 10 - Oct 29, 2014

@ St. Ann's Academy Wednesday: 5th-6th Grade Boys
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@ St. John's College HS Wednesday: 5th-6th Grade Girls
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@ St. John's College HS Wednesday: 3rd-4th Grade Girls
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@ St. Ann's Academy Wednesday: 7th-8th Grade Boys
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Sep 12 - Dec 12, 2014

@ Murch Elementary Hoops Basketball
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October 2, 2014

@ Blessed Sacrament Hoops Basketball Camp
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Oct 8 - Dec 10, 2014

@ Oyster Elementary Hoops Basketball
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Class is Open to Oyster Students Only

October 10, 2014

@ Stuart-Hobson Middle All Sports & Games Camp
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Back to School, Back to School...

HoopEd is Going Back to School!

You can find us running AfterSchool Classes at these locations for the 2014-2015 school year:

  • Hoops Basketball K-3rd @Murch ES (Register HERE)
  • Hoops Basketball K-3rd @Oyster ES (Register HERE)
  • Hoops Basketball K-2nd @Lafayette ES (NEW! Register with Lafayette HSA)
  • Hoops Basketball 3rd-5th @Lafayette ES (NEW! Register with Lafayette HSA)
  • Ball Skills & Body Movement K-2nd @Lafayette ES (NEW! Register with Lafayette HSA)
  • Hoops Basketball @Pinecrest ES (Register with Pinecrest HSA)

More Classes to be announced SOON!

Interested in bringing HoopEd to your school? Please email info@hoopeducation.com OR give us a call (301) 565-0675.

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My boys had a GREAT time at camp this week with Coach Brian and staff at BS - thank you!

Some random highlights: Kids loved the Gatorade prizes, and were so proud of recognition (eg teammate of the day); I love Brian's talks on behavior- he is such a good guy in the first place; My 5 year olds coach (Raley?) was very accommodating - I picked them up early today and she was waiting with them at the door!; and of course they loved the ice cream truck visits...

All around, this is such a positive camp experience for them - they raced in the door each morning!

Bethany Velasco

I would like to take a little of your time to thank you and the HoopEd coaches for an incredible confidence building experience that you have gave to my two sons (Romont, and Romell Randolph). Although Romont did not make last years Murch Elementary School Basketball Team, the coaching and incouragement that coach JB and his staff gave him on saturday mornings made Romont confident, a better student, and serious about becoming a better basketball player. As for Romell, there is not a day that he reminds me to watch he and his brother Romont practice the skills coach JB showed them. Words cannot express the joy that I have watching my two sons work on their skills that HoopEd has given to them.

Romont and La Bella Randolph

I'm writing this email to let you know what a wonderful job Coach Jeremy Burden has been doing at the Saturday Beginner Ballers at Our Lady of Lourdes. This is the second year that our son Patrick Donohue has participated. Patrick is having a wonderful time and is learning a great deal not only about basketball but also about teamwork, discipline and following directions. Coach Burden is wonderful with all the kids. He's has a tremendous command of the kids' attention and is a great motivator and teacher. I would love to have Patrick continue with coach Burden perhaps over the summer or in the fall. Any information on where and when Coach Burden will be teaching would be most helpful.

Thanks again and keep up the great work!

Michela and Brian

We loved Beginner Ballers session 1 ... Sawyer went from worried about learning a new sport to grinning ear to ear. Thanks to Coach and his team. See you in January.


Just wanted to thank you for a fantastic party. The coaches were amazing and the kids all had the best time. My son told me there was only one bad thing about the party----that it had to end. We will definitely contact you guys again in the future and will send all our friends your way.

Thanks so much! Heather

Last week, the boys attended at St. B's and loved it!! We r so impressed with your camps thus far. Caitlin was amazing at St. B's & all the guys r fantastic at BS! My boys r having a blast!


I had a chance to watch the Sports Skills class today. It is AWESOME!! Whoever came up with the idea for this class deserves a super medal!!!!


I just want to thank you and your staff for an amazing winter camp. My son (Kedar) had the best time ever!!! We look forward to seeing you guys again over Spring break!


Hi, I just wanted to tell you the coach you sent Saturday was great - there were a ton of kids there (even a few who hate sportsJ) and he did a great job of keeping them into it and moving. It is so chaotic at the end of those things that I feel like I didn't give him a big enough tip and that I wasn't grateful enough to him so please pass along my thanks and my son had an AWESOME time.


Thank you all for your help with Eli's 6th birthday party. Eli had a lot of fun playing with his friends. We will definitely recommend your services to friends, or anyone who asks.

With great appreciation, Linda

Jonathan, Thanks for a great two weeks this summer at St. Ann's. My three kids all enjoyed camp (and ranked it their favorite of the camps they did this summer). Coach Brian and his crew made it a fun place to be and my kids are inspired to be better players.

Thanks again, Jenny Craig (Mom to Oscar, Charles a

Jonathan, I wanted to let you know that West LOVED his session at HoopED. He rarely likes the camps he goes to, so this was a huge endorsement. The camp played all the games he loves with no other intention than to have fun.

Thanks. Normandy Brangan (mom to West Remy)

Good morning Jonathan and Staff:
Just wanted to say thank you for this week summer camp, my son Timothy Costello had a really great time at Lafayette camp. He really enjoyed. The staff was really nice, all the activities and the location were super. Thanks again.

Regards. Francia Torres (Tim's mom)

Justin showtime O'Neil is having a blast!!! Says he might want to do it again next week. You guys are awesome! Thanks for making it so much fun.

Lisa O'Neil, parent

Ben Coleman-Lyon has enjoyed EVERY camp session. His skills have really improved.

Christopher Lyon, parent

Cole had a great time and we appreciate your camps very much. The all sports camps are a perfect fit for Cole - he enjoys the loose structure and being able to choose from different sports and also having the freedom to just play too.

Margaret Coleman

Miles says he has really enjoyed HoopEd and especially Coach Reza who I remember from this summer when Miles was at Murch's HoopEd for week. Reza is an awesome role model for the kids and I recall him teaching the kids some important life lessons as well.

Malikkah Rollins-Waterman

My daughter just finished the winter basketball session at Lourdes. She is a kindergartner at De Chantal. I just wanted to let you know what an excellent program this was! I was so impressed with your coaching staff, the organization, and the skills that were taught. My daughter loved the basketball and looked forward to going every Saturday morning. I would definitely sign up to do this program again. I have 3 boys behind her, so we will be doing this for many more years. Thank you for opening it up to the De Chantal kids. It was money and time well spent!

Katie Shaffer

...my feedback on HOOPED is that it is a genius program. For working parents to have a well-run, fun, great coaches program for no school days is truly a huge gift. The price is right and very reasonable. Tavis always has a good day. Thank you so much for having this program. My only sadness is that he will be 13 in February and therefore maybe too old for HOOPED. Maybe I could hire you to train him?!

One other thing - I notice a lot of learning happens through all the sports. Never a lost day in front of video games.

Tavis Duvall's grandmother

I wanted to share with you how much my son, Blake, enjoyed camp today.

He was at Blessed Sacrament and is 5 years old and was one of the younger campers. He had a ball (and is in fact sleep now).

The Coaches were friendly and their love for the game was obvious.

We plan to sign up for Spring Break Camp. Let me know which location you will have Coaches Christian, Jamal and Keenan.

Thanks again for today!!

Linda K. Harllee Harper

I just want to thank you and all of your staff for a wonderful summer of Sports Camp. We moved to DC mid-summer, and after a week, my children were bored to death. I found information about Sports Camp at Murch, and my six year old boy signed up immediately. After he did it for a week, my 9 year old girl gave it a shot and also loved it.

As a former teacher/department chair, I was so impressed with the coaches. They were not only fun, but encouraging, supportive and always positive. Your team made pleasant what could have been a miserable transition summer. Several times this weekend, my son has said how he is going to miss his friends from Sports Camp and can't believe he has to wait an entire year to do it again. We were very happy to learn this morning that after school sports camp occurs throughout the year as well as the skills classes. I'm sure we will be frequent flyers in your camps.

Many thanks for a great program and a great staff.

Laura Albert

Thank you for putting a great camp together! The boys, Lucas and Mateo loved both weeks they were in Hoop Ed. Hopefully they will be in it more weeks next summer.

The coaches were amazing and very positive with the kids- something that we appreciate as parents.

Have a great year and see you next summer


I wanted to let you know how much my son and I appreciate your program. Marc participated in a one-week camp at St. Ann's in Tenleytown earlier this month. This was our 3rd HoopEd session in a little over a year. Once again, I found the coaches to be extremely encouraging, engaging and respectful with both kids and parents. The positive learning/play environment created by Coach Sam and Coach Reysa (sp?) did wonders for Marc's self-esteem, not to mention his appreciation of basketball and sportsmanship in general. One day, having observed the St. Ann's group on the Janney playground, my neighbor called me to comment on how great the coaches interacted with the kids and how much everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. I've recommended the program again and again to friends, but wanted to tell you personally what a fantastic job I think you're doing. Thank you for all you do to make a difference in the lives of kids (and parents). Keep up the good work!

Victoria Lester-Saura

I just wanted to thank you for the great week that Charlie had last week. He absolutely loved the camp and counselors and is looking forward to it next year. Thank you for providing such fun activities through your programs.

Karoline Shannon

I will also take this opportunity to tell you how much we appreciate Coach Larry's work with Sam. Sam is very competitive and along with that takes losing very seriously. Coach Larry seems to really get this about Sam and has been helping Sam re-direct his frustration; not let it get him so down. Sam told me yesterday that it was the first day that he did not cry, what has been his typical response to losing. We are very impressed with how Coach Larry has connected with Sam and wanted to make sure you knew how much we parents think of him!


Thanks for the great job you and Larry did with the kids this year. Jean and Nathan have discovered the world of basketball in the nicest way possible and with the friendliest, most dedicated coaches. They loved it!

All the best

Pascale Brillet-Dubois

I wanted to write you to let you know how impressed I was with the HoopEd camp held at The Blessed Sacrament last week. This was the first time I was able to watch the kids and the coaches in action - and it was awesome.

It was great to see the interactions of the staff with the kids. The staff made every effort to use opportunities for teaching moments and it was very apparent that the kids were learning new skills. The kids respected the coaches and the coaches respected the kids. It really was a sight to see.

Lynn Kuechenberg

I just wanted compliment you on your team. Every team member I spoke with at the day camp was friendly, enthusiastic, encouraging -- just a pleasure to work with and I felt confident that I could safely entrust care of my son for a day to them. Very professional.

Tela Gallagher

My son did HoopEd this year for the first time. I just wanted you to know that he loved it. We started out planning on one week and ended up doing three. He adored Coach Reza (as did I. Coach Reza has a great positive spirit and a wonderful way of communicating important life lessons to the kids). Yesterday my son made his first money shot! What a thrill for him.

Donna Fabiani

I played basketball all through school, so I have been THRILLED for him to have the opportunity to participate in after school & camps - something DCPS does not have much to offer. I look forward to other programs you offer and this mom really thanks you.


I wanted to let you know that our party was a roaring success! Reza was absolutely terrific, and the kids had a ball (pardon the pun) - especially Danielle. Thank you so much for making her birthday party so great.


I just want to say thank you for a wonderful birthday party last Saturday. The kids all had a good time and Coach Sam was terrific. It was fun to watch the kids and see all the smiles and hear the laughter and chatter that went on in the gym. There was a range of ages and personalities at the party and Coach Sam did a great job keeping that in mind when he organized the groups for the games and drills.

Nan Kiyonaga